Tuesday, July 24, 2012


no, it's not some kind of magic number....though that would be wonderful! well, now that i've said that...maybe it is a magic number...who knows. magic number 56. you see, today is my birthday. i am 56.....born in '56. i've thought of doing some writing....56 things you probably don't know about me. 56 things i want to do before i die. 56 things i've learned. 56 stupid things i will never do again. 56 reasons to be happy. 56 things i am thankful for. 56 people i love and why.  56 foods i love. 56 favorite memories....i could go on....but i won't. you get the picture.
i hold much hope for this year. i have faith that it will be good. i believe it will be what i make of it.  and starting with my first on the list of 56 things...i promise this to myself: i will do something each day to make that day good, even if it's just enjoying the simple things....a quiet life...a good cup of coffee...the hummingbirds.  maybe number 56 will be my magic number after all.


  1. Happy Birthday, my dear. I hope that you find every small blessing each and every day.
    As we grow older we can choose to bring all the unhappiness along with us or start the day with
    "something each day to make that day good..." I love that idea. 56 is definitely a good number to start with.

    1. Thank you for the good wishes, Farmlady!