Tuesday, August 7, 2012

quiet, happy days

it's a gray day here. we finally have rain. the day is one that begs for something to be slowly bubbling on the stove for dinner...for the sewing machine to be whirring, with music barely heard in the background. that plan is one that would make me feel quietly happy.
i had one of those days yesterday, too. i spent the day with scott. i drove to his house, which i love more each and every time i visit....we had lunch. we talked a bit. we watched an Olympic soccer game. on my trip home i decided to travel the backroads instead of the interstate, hoping to dodge both the storms and the traffic. i got home ahead of the storms, fed the animals, settled down for chinese takeout and promptly felt all wrapped up in my contentment blanket. that's what a good day will do.  i feel that way when i've been with mason and bayly, after they've climbed into my lap and given me hugs. i felt that way last week, after meeting melissa for lunch, just the two of us. we talked, laughed....even shared a few tears about some of life's lessons. i felt it when i spent a recent evening going out for pizza, then walking through antique stores and quirky shops downtown. i felt that way after spending three days selling my crafts last week...when i packed and unpacked, not so much...but when people came. when they encouraged me. when i got to spend time with friends. and yes, if honesty must prevail, i felt that way when i made money doing what i love.
it's been a good couple of weeks, these first weeks into 56.  have i put some things on the back burner in order to have some quiet, happy days? sure. there are a number of things...issues....that i do need to address. but since i am solely responsible for my choices,  i have decided to let some things simmer for a bit in order to begin my year on solid footing...with a few quiet, happy days.
a strong structure is only as good as its foundation. so yes, the time will come when i plant my feet and square my shoulders.  it may come very soon. but i know i have the strength gained from these days. my plan was to do something every day that would be good....that would make me happy, and perhaps make someone else happy in the process. i think i have done that. there is such strength in making a conscious effort to make good choices for yourself.

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