Tuesday, February 26, 2013

wouldn't it be nice?

sitting in the sunshine, after days of gray and clouds and rain.
hot tea by the fire with some needlework.
a road trip with the girls, to go exploring in some small town somewhere.
walking by the sea, finding lovely treasures put there just for YOU to find.
a big bubbling pot of homemade soup and a good book.
visiting a friend you haven't seen in ages.
finishing a project.
receiving a hand written letter.
a fresh cup of coffee with cinnamon cream.
standing up for yourself.
saying yes and doing it.
saying no and meaning it.
make a pound cake...grandmama smith's recipe.
picking my own vegetables from my own garden.
putting a quilt made by my own hands onto the bed that was my great grandfather's in my little mountain cabin.

all of those things are very nice indeed. i would be very happy with this list, except for one thing.....there is nothing here about giving back. it's all about me. nothing wrong with that, really....but i think i would like to add a few things.

help raise money for a worthy cause.
help feed the hungry.
read to a class.
make scarves and hats for the homeless shelter.
buy someone a cup of coffee.
share what i would grow in my garden with a struggling family.
bake a cake to give away.
send someone a hand written letter.
give a blanket to someone who's cold.

yes. i think that's much better.
wouldn't it be nice?

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