Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Tomorrow is another long afternoon of doctor visits. I used to like Thursdays.....quilt group in the morning, out to lunch with them, errands to the craft store or Jo-Ann Fabrics.....but now, Thursday is doctor day. At least it has been every Thursday for the past month. This week, they threw in a Monday appointment....just for variety. But we still have to go on Thursday.
So here's what's going on. Hubs has had scans of all varieties....CT, PET, MRI......he has had lung x-rays and a biopsy. And he has cancer. Lung cancer. It is not in the brain or bones. There is a suspicious lymph node that's under observation because it looks like it may not play well with others, but time will tell. He's lost weight. He coughs. He wheezes. He has trouble getting his breath sometimes. He falls asleep in the recliner every evening.
Surgery may or may not be able to be done.....the jury's still out on that one. Depends on how this one lymph node that's being inclined to not play well with others behaves. We meet tomorrow with the medical oncologist.....the same one my mom had. Hopefully they can get him started on a treatment plan of some sort, because in this month of tests and more tests, nothing has really been started. No chemo yet, no radiation.....and yes, I most surely do want them to get it right. I do want them to take the time they need to be sure the decisions they make are in his best interest. But it's very hard to be patient when you've known for a month you have cancer growing inside you and no one's done anything to stop it. So tomorrow, perhaps, will be the beginning. I know there is a long road ahead....a long, rocky road.  A road I really didn't plan on....really didn't prepare for....really didn't want.  But we're on it, nevertheless. 

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