Monday, October 7, 2013

upside down

in the past week everything has turned upside down.
a cancer diagnosis will do that.
a horrible car accident involving your child will do that, too.
and when those two things happen within the same 24 hr's ugly. really. it is.
so here it is:
hubby has cancer. stage 3 lung. will have a scan this week to find out if it has spread.
don't really want to talk about that. lots to digest....lots to decide.
found that out Friday.
got a call Saturday morning from my son. it's never good when they tell you they're at the hospital  in the very first sentence....but very good that he is the one talking to you, not a hospital worker.  he was hit by a drugged out idiot at 8 a.m. while driving his jeep home from the fire station. police crash reconstruction unit says the idiot was traveling between 70-75 mph when he hit Scott's jeep.....without hitting his brakes at. all.  without going into all the details, the jeep rolled and slid approximately 234 ft....scott doesn't remember that part. he does remember crawling on his hands and knees away from the accident, bystanders meeting him with towels for his gashed head, and his buddies on the fire truck arriving within about two minutes. and looking now at the photos of his beloved jeep, thoroughly totaled, we know this.....the roll bar and his seat belt most definitely saved his life. no broken bones, no serious head injury......
how quickly life can indeed, go upside down.

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